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About myself

I am an herbalist with decades of practical experience. I have made at one time or another nearly every kind of herbal preparation you can name, One that I most enjoy making is herbal wine. Wine can be made using any herb that will make a pleasant tea or decoction. As different herbs have different health benefits, not all herbs should be used by everyone. But elderberry is one that can be, unless you have an allergy to it.

Elderberry has been shown in numerous studies to reduce the duration and severity of colds and flu along with many other health benefits. It is for this reason that I make enough elderberry wine to always have some on hand. In addition I always like to have a pound or more of dried elderberries in my herbal cabinet for making a strong elderberry tea to be taken at the first hint of exposure to cold or flu viruses.

Wine is not the only way to get your daily dose of elderberries. From dried or fresh fruit you can also make elderberry juice, jelly, syrup and gelatin. Use your own imagination.

I strive to keep the lowest price of anyone for 1/4 lb (4 oz) of whole dried elderberries.